Interning at USA Tolerance Rings

Hi, I’m Nia, and this summer I have the privilege of interning at USA Tolerance Rings, the only tolerance ring manufacturer in the US and a global leader in TR manufacturing. As a mechanical engineering student, I learn about different fasteners, bushings, bearings, and the importance of tolerancing drawings for machining.  One of my areas of study is the future of engineering as it pertains to electric vehicles, specifically noise and vibration reduction.  The more I learn about tolerance rings, the more applications I see for them.  A tolerance ring is a small part with a big impact, decreasing problems that are ubiquitous in machines, like vibration, expansion and contraction due to weather, and machining cost. Machines currently using tolerance rings range from agricultural machinery to lunar landers.

I’ve only been at USA Tolerance Rings for a few weeks, but I have already learned so much.  The people are friendly and knowledgeable, and genuinely see the value in teaching the engineers of the future, like me! I have the opportunity to gain experience in both engineering disciplines I am interested in: manufacturing and design. Once my steel-toed boots come in, I’ll be in the shop testing a new machine and torque-testing tolerance rings. On the design side, I’ll be modelling tolerance rings in our CAD program.  I also get the benefit of being exposed to the day-to-day operations of an engineering company.  I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here. This summer is shaping up to be a great one!

Nia Maywar

Student at Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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