Saris Cycling Group is a premier US manufacturer of bicycle racks and cycling accessories, such as Pro Series Trainers and Resistance Rollers. Saris equipment for both the amateur and professional bike enthusiast is sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Their Jet Fluid Pro Trainer provides a smooth and realistic indoor training regimen during inclement weather. The rear wheel of the bicycle rides on a flywheel unit coupled with a resistance roller. The roller must handle radial loads of 150 pounds maximum, and generate a minimum of 100 inch pounds of torque and must do all this quietly.

To mount the roller on the 1117 steel shaft, Saris engineering opted to use USA Tolerance Rings, which are round corrugated frictional fasteners that can handle radial and axial loads, while generating torque.

The assembly requires that two tolerance rings be snapped into grooves on the steel shaft. The aluminum roller is slid down the shaft and then pressed over the two tolerance ring locations.

Various other fastening approaches were considered and dismissed:

  • Set screws: Coming loose due to vibration over time
  • Keys & keyways: cost and possible noise issues due to wear
  • Knurls: Distortion of the aluminum tube


Remains in production since 2008.



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