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It never ceases to amaze me that such a small part, one you never see or think about in your daily life, can go so far.  And not just in the places you might expect.

Our tolerance rings are road warriors…AAA-card holding, truck-stop coffee drinking, traveling mix-tape playing road warriors.  On the road, it’s all about the mileage.  489,745,340,000 miles traveled on those roads, just in our automotive applications. That’s enough to circle the earth nearly 20 million times.  With our pending IATF (International Automotive Task Force) 16949 certification, we expect that to get blown away in 2021.  Solving problems with bearing mounts, stator mounts, noise and vibration reduction, slip-torque, and even tire inflation, we’ve partnered with companies that keep vehicles running smoother, longer, and safer.

The possibilities aren’t limited to land…More than 3 miles beneath the surface of the ocean, our tolerance rings can be found joining components in actuators that power outboard motors and deep-sea explorative robots where our tolerance rings must withstand extreme pressure and temperatures.

Look up to the sky and you might well see a plane or drone with our tolerance rings keeping their components rotating perfectly.  Our customers range from private to commercial to military, but they all deal with the same issues of weight reduction, corrosion resistance, and a wide range of operating temperatures. 

Now imagine you can look even further up, 238,900 miles further, and you might see our next frontier. USA Tolerance Rings is proudly working with the companies that create lunar landers and rovers that explore the moon, where flawless operation under inhospitable conditions can make a key difference in a successful mission. 

And now I wonder, where to next?

Daniel Robinson
Director of Business Development
USA Tolerance Rings

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