Xtreme Tolerance Rings in HASTELLOY® C-276 alloy

Because of the excellent corrosion-resistance to both oxidizing and reducing media and excellent resistance to localized corrosion attack we feature this alloy as an exclusive product: Xtreme Tolerance Rings.

USA Tolerance Rings Xtreme Series are made of Hastelloy® C-276* alloy, and can withstand temperatures from –100 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Xtreme Series Tolerance Rings can replace many other fastening and joining devices.

Xtreme Series Tolerance Rings can survive in environments where elastomers fail or outgas. They perform well in corrosive and oxidative situations. Xtreme Series Tolerance Rings can also replace adhesives and eliminate the messy residue which adhesives leave behind.

Xtreme Series Tolerance Rings can be used in Oil & Gas, Chemical, and many other industries. They can be made in most all sizes which USA Tolerance Rings offers.

Xtreme Series Tolerance Rings have been implemented in applications requiring NACE MR0175/ ISO15156 compliance.

Benefits of using Xtreme Series Tolerance Rings are:

-High Heat compatibility
-Resistance to corrosion
-Less oxidation
-Retains “spring like” properties
-Accepts XTREME conditions
-No messy adhesive residue.
-Custom Engineered for YOUR design…

Hastelloy Tolerance Rings
Hastelloy Tolerance Rings

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*Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International

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